JOIN The BESTSELLING Author Andre Ginnane AS SHE TELLS THE STORY OF Sal as he experiences an adventure unlike any that he has had before. Sal's parents share the news that they will be getting a second house. Sal's mom will live in one house and his dad will live in the other. His parents assure him that although he will now have two houses and two rooms, he will always have the same one love from both his parents. Join Sal as he makes the transition to living in two separate homes. Right away Sal finds that, although the houses are different, they have lots of similarities. Sal discovers that the biggest similarity is that both houses have lots and lots and lots of love for him.
This book is the second book in the Adventures of Sal series following Sal and his best friend John David as they meet new friends and discover new and exciting adventures. With its subtle and comforting messaging this book can be used as a helpful tool and/or conversation starter in situations like divorce and parents not being in the same household. It can also be used to teach valuable lessons that promote empathy, compassion and understanding for children that are not experiencing this situation themselves but perhaps are trying to understand situations affecting their friends and family.

I've created the Storyboard and illustrations for the respective Yorkshire publishingand this lovely children's book and you can definitely expect more sequels in the near future!

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